The pattern cutting is precise and mathematical: the body is dressed in a svelte and modern silhouette. All the pieces were tailored in Italy by skilled craftsmen, all the jackets are mounted with horsehair canvas and hand stitching, employing a minimum of 20 hours in the crafting.


The knitwear is entirely realized in merinos wool worked in cable and enriched by 3D braids in tubular knitting. The exquisite shirting is enriched by bow collars and a lean fit.


FW 2013/14 collection is based on tailoring and precious Italian fabrics like virgin wool, silk, nappa leather and Egyptian poplin cotton, married with the traditional technique of handmade crochet, drawn thread work and handmade knitting.

Hand-knitted jumpers in rich Merinos wool, sartorial interpretations of the biker jacket and hand embroidered oversized t-shirts with leather details complete this decadent wardrobe.

FW 2013/14



The inspiration of this collection was Bowie’s Thin White Duke period, with his taste for decadence and his vision of an early 70ies Dorian Gray leaving London for LA.

In his travels through culture and references, he brings his razor-sharp blazers and trousers, tailored A-line capes and flamboyant poplin shirts